The Rise of Organic Personal Care Products

Adapted from Organic Personal Care Products Market: Forecast, Company Perspective, Secrets, Innovation Till 2018 by Mohit. Full publication is available at:

The organic personal care market includes products targeting skin care, hair care, oral care, hair removal, baby care, cosmetics, cleansing, deodorants, and fragrances. These products provide an alternative to their conventional synthetic counterparts, which are laden with potentially harmful compounds including phthalates, aluminum salts, sulfur, parabens, and diethanol amine (DEA). Increasing awareness of the adverse impacts of these chemicals has led to enhanced support for the organic personal care products market.

Organic personal care products often include many natural components whose inherent properties are optimal for the maintenance of human health. Primary ingredients in organic personal care products include aloe vera, wheat germ, and essential oils such as geranium and chamomile. The use of phytosterols has become increasingly popular in both the skin- and hair-care industries in recent years. These compounds originate in plant tissues and are linked to various benefits, including the prevention of hair thinning/loss, alleviating skin dryness, and combating premature aging.

Improved regulations regarding the chemical composition of personal care products has driven market growth and individual preference for personal care products that use organic ingredients. In the United States, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have moved to increase restrictions on the use of certain chemicals in personal care products. For example, the use of bithionol in cosmetic products has recently been limited, as the ingredient has led to adverse human health effects.

The most accelerated growth in the organic personal care products market is expected in the Asia Pacific region due to increasing preference for organic products, a heightened proportion of citizens with disposable income, and the popularization of the personal care industry. Japan has emerged as a leader in this sphere, with many companies involved in the field of personal care beginning to release organic product lines.

With the building popularity of organic personal care product lines, and more heightened consumer awareness regarding the consequences of product ingredients, it is likely that the popularity of organic products will only increase in the years to come.

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