Tests find nanomaterials in menstrual panties

The French NGO AVICENN published an investigative report on nanomaterials in consumer products. Their tests reveal the presence of unlabeled, sometimes even unauthorized, nanomaterials in 20 out of the 23 tested daily products. One of the products tested is menstrual panties, where nanosilver was found.

Our report also lists a set of measures to be taken by public authorities, with concrete demands:

  • the generalization of the obligation of [nano] labeling to all consumer products (not only cosmetics, food, and biocides, which are currently the only ones covered by this obligation)
  • the intensification of controls and sanctions in case of non-compliance with legal obligations 
  • the creation of a European register of products containing nanomaterials
  • the supervision of nanomaterials that slip through the regulatory net: their number could increase with the recent revision of the definition of the term “nanomaterial” and the upcoming revision of the European regulations on cosmetics and “novel foods.” 

More information can be found here: https://veillenanos.fr/

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