Report Giftfreie Menstruation (toxic-free menstruation)

WECF Germany released a report in German language, adressing the use of sustainable, non-toxic, and plastic-free menstrual products. There are still a lot of taboos about menstruation. In addition to the existing taboo on menstruation itself, there are two other taboos that remain underexposed in the current social debate: the environmental and health aspects. Disposable menstrual products are not only harmful to the environment, as landfill waste and polluters of our sewers, beaches, and oceans, but they may also be harmful to our health.

We can turn the tide
With this publication, WECF Germany not only wants to inform people who menstruate but also encourages the use of more sustainable, safer, and cheaper alternatives. They would like to work towards more openness, more facts, and more knowledge about menstruation, with a particular focus on the environmentally polluting and unfair aspects of ‘common’ menstrual products and habits. Would you like to contribute to this as well? Make it a discussion topic in your own circles, talk about it at home. After all, openness is good for women’s cause, the environment, and our health.

Find the report here: https://www.wecf.org/de/giftfreie-menstruation/

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