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The right to healthy period products is not a privilege

Environmenstrual Week 2021 continues! Every day HEJSupport partner organizations implement numerous initiatives and start campaigns to ensure that safe and eco-friendly period products are available and affordable for everyone who needs them. Toxic chemicals and plastic should never be used in such products to avoid acute and long-term health effects.

In the new blog “DO WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO A HEALTHY PERIOD?” published by Wen, Helen Lynn discusses how period products may affect health.

As the Environmenstrual Campaign Manager at Wen, Helen highlights important issues, including the health and environmental impact of toxic chemicals found in period products. She raises concern over the lack of disclosure of hazardous substances and notes that “the only reason we know about the presence of potentially harmful chemicals in period products is because of the testing done by independent organisations and NGOs”.

Read the blog to learn more about the importance of strong legislation on chemicals in period products. Sign the petition launched by Wen and Natracare calling for greater transparency for all period products.

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