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Toxic chemicals in period products: do you want to minimize exposure?

Knowing what chemicals are in your period products helps women and people who menstruate avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. Such chemicals may include endocrine disruptors, persistent organic pollutants, allergens. Lack of transparency about hazardous ingredients in period products that women, young girls, and people who menstruate use on a monthly basis can harm their health and deprive consumers of making the right choice.

When disposed of, period products become a source of hazardous chemicals leaching into the environment. These products cannot be recycled and are considered disposable single-use plastic. After use, they end up in incinerators or landfills, where they further contribute to toxic emissions and releases that undermine the health of the planet.

Register to the international webinar “Do we have a right to know what is in our period products?” to discuss if specific legislation and transparency about hidden ingredients¬†in period products are needed to provide consumers with the right to know and the right to a safe and toxic-free environment.

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