Webinar Plastic- and Toxic-free Menstruation Products

Thank you everyone for joining us on December 2, 2019 to discuss very important issues about period products, their effects on the health of people and the environment, and what difference we can make to minimise the negative impact and ensure the availability of more sustainable, plastic and toxic free options.

The webinar was held by HEJSupport, Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE), Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), Environmenstrual Coalition and was a part of a broad initiative promoting the use of plastic- and toxic-free disposable and reusable menstrual products.

The agenda of the webinar included:

Introduction and a brief description of and its key publications – Olga Speranskaya, Alexandra Caterbow, HEJSupport International;

Ensuring menstrual products are safe, affordable and accessible – WVE’s campaign to eliminate toxic chemicals from intimate care products in the US – by Alexandra Gorman Scranton, Women’s Voices for the Earth

Environmenstrual – The Women’s Environmental Network’s collaborative campaign to raise awareness about the hidden plastic and toxic chemicals in menstrual products while promoting reusable and eco-friendly menstrual products for all – by Helen Lynn, Health Adviser to Women’s Environmental Network.

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