Women’s Environmental Network: Environmenstrual Week of Action Toolkit

To help you prepare for this year’s Environmenstrual Week of Action (October 12-19), the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) has compiled a comprehensive toolkit. The objective of the Week of Action is to inform menstruators about sustainable alternatives to conventional menstrual products in order to promote healthy and environmentally-friendly periods. WEN aims to eliminate the shame and stigma surrounding period talk, to facilitate conversation around sustainable menstruation, and to encourage #PeriodAction.

During Environmenstrual Week of Action, many individuals and organizations will hold events about #PlasticFreePeriods, menstruators are encouraged to try reusable menstrual products, and everyone is called upon to spread the word about sustainable menstruation and to campaign for the removal of plastics from period products.

The Week of Action toolkit encourages anyone who wants to get involved to organise their own Environmenstrual event, and provides a variety of suggested fundraising activities. Ideas include hosting a film screening, a book club, quiz night, or period party. The toolkit even includes instructions on how to make DIY pads, creative fabric vulvas and #PeriodAction badges. If you are involved with a community organization, the resource also provides several ideas for sparking group action, from organizing beach cleanups to becoming an Environmenstrual Ambassador.
For more information, and inspiration on how best to spread the message of #PlasticFreePeriods, visit this link to access the full toolkit.

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