Period Product Brands to Get

Adapted from “50 brands that will help you go zero waste” by Phoebe Young, from pebble magazine. Publication available at

This year, Zero Waste Week took place from September 2-7, calling on individuals to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste they produce. To celebrate this event, pebble magazine compiled a list of 50 sustainable brands to help consumers make more informed, ethical purchasing decisions. Products on the list range from toothbrushes, to lunchboxes, to vegan shoes. 

No list of sustainable brands would be complete without a reference to some of the companies revolutionizing the field of menstrual products, and this list is no exception.

Natracare is a line of zero-waste, plastic-free disposable period products. Made from organic, vegan and biodegradable materials, they are hygienic and compostable.

WUKA is a brand of period underwear that functions to replace disposable pads. They last for years, and contribute to both a healthier period and a healthier environment.

Next time you are looking to renew your stock of menstrual products, look no further than these brands. Your body, and the environment, will thank you.

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