Incentivizing Sustainable Menstruation: Best Practices from Rosemont, Montreal

In order to promote environmental initiatives, it is important to ensure buy-in from many stakeholders at various levels, including local government. According to Teddy Elliot of MTL Blog, the Rosemont borough of Montreal is running an incentive program called Lange Bleu to encourage its citizens to make the transition to sustainable hygiene products. The initiative began as a Washable Diaper Program, but has recently expanded to include menstrual products as well. Lange Bleu have committed to providing a subsidy of up to $40 for residents of the borough who have purchased sustainable period products since the start of the year, through to the end of 2020. Products which are eligible for the subsidy include reusable pads, menstrual cups, and period underwear.

The objective of the initiative is to encourage sustainability in the borough while reducing unnecessary waste in Montreal. The borough’s mayor has boasted that nearly 350,000 diapers have been diverted from landfills since the program began to incentivize the use of cloth diapers. The subsidy is provided to individuals who can provide proof of purchase of these eco-friendly products, as well as proof of residence.

Providing subsidies for reusable period products is an innovative way to promote sustainable alternatives while working toward menstrual equity. The emergence of more creative initiatives such as this will be crucial to ensure that in the future, everyone has access to menstrual products that are good for both the environment and their health.

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